Bracket International Essay

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Bracket International-The RFID Decision Case Study
Tamara Thomas-Winston
Business 4208
Dr. Nellis Freeman
July 16, 2013

Problem Statement
Please analyze the risks of adopting a new technology too late or too early, the economic payback in years for the possibility of RFID adoption, how RFID compares to bar coding, and short and longer term recommendations for Bracket International?
Challenges and Opportunities
Many benefits are afforded through technology however; technology can also pose some challenges. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using technology as well as its impact on the workforce. According to the OM4 textbook, there are many ...view middle of the document...

taken from OM 4 Collier/Evans page 100
Organizations that do not adapt to new technology can be heading for trouble. The more rapid the pace of change the more dire the consequences of sticking to old ways. Today’s pace of change in business conditions may or may not be unprecedented (McCallum, 2001). In business rapid change is a two-sided sword, a threat but can also be an opportunity. Adapt to rapid change better than competitors and you can make great achievements; ignore rapidly changing circumstances and expect to go the way of the dinosaur (McCallum, 2001).
Bracket International experienced problems adapting vastly to the changes in customer requirements. BI was troubled with denying a Wolf Furniture order job request simply because they were unable to react fast enough to changes in job specifications and size order. As a result, BI lost Wolf Furniture business netting a yearly loss of $2 million. Home Depot, another BI customer continuously emphasizes BI’s need to be more flexible due to their on-demand POS (point-of-sale) systems require adjustments to BI orders. Since Home Depot is BI’s best customer, BI needs to diversify from their traditional style and embrace and adapt to change so they stay competitive, keep existing business, and gain new business. Companies that fail to embrace change and reorganize themselves accordingly will, regardless of their prior success, be swept away. Ultimately the benefits of studying failure are that they may learn from it, and seek to prevent similar failure within one’s own organization (Johnson, 2011).
Business Solution
Credit Suisse’s goal was to redefine and optimize processes so a working relationship with the provider could be designed more efficiently and beneficial for both parties. The goal with the service level was to implement changes in price and service level structures to decrease costs. The first step was to analyze business models of various IT providers to grasp an understanding on the way they ran their businesses, then reviewing the following levels listed below for internal improvement:
• Reduce service demand
• De-skill processes to optimize resource use of provider
• Cut work duration/level of activity needed in a process
• Align service level to target processes
• Establish controlling and reporting systems to prevent inflated bills
• Develop a continuous improvement mentality in the operative business
Lessons Learned
Credit Suisse Group is a leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance across the globe and around the clock. According to an article in HuffPost Business, the New York Attorney General sued Credit Suisse for allegedly lying to investors about the quality of the home loans contained in the bonds it sold (Hallman, 2012). The complaint charges Credit...

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