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Bra History Essay

594 words - 3 pages

Capstone Project: Personal & Cultural History Essay
Essay: 100 points
Length: 8-10 pages (2000-2500 words)

Sources: 8-10 sources from a variety of places, each source must be represented in the paper by either a direct quotation or a paraphrase. There should be close to an equal number of direct quotations and paraphrases.

Due Date: April 5th

Description: This essay is more complex than the research project but it should also be more fun. For this assignment you need to choose the topic you will write about. But this topic must have both Personal and Cultural significance. That is, you need to find a topic that means something to you personally and a topic that you can do research about. You must write about something that has a history with you ...view middle of the document...

You just have to be able to tell a story about the subject, research it, and connect your story to that research part of the essay. The difficult thing to do is to keep this from sounding like a commercial for the product. It’s not an advertisement; so don’t make it sound like one.

One of the first small assignments we will have over this project is a series of questions. By next week, I want you to come up with no less than 10 questions about your subject—things you want to know about it. These questions should be taken seriously and they must cover a wide spectrum. These questions will guide your research and they should help lend coherence and organization to your essay. Without these questions, you cannot do the first exercise over this paper. Most of the answers to these questions will be in the final draft of your paper.

So, for now, you must come up with those questions and make decisions about your story. Get started.
Research Exercise
These research exercises are supposed to do a few things. It is, at root, an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography, for those of you who do not know, is basically a works cited page with one exception. This exception is that you have to write one paragraph beneath each works cited entry that discusses the source—this paragraph will tell what this source is about, discuss how good or how bad it might be, or how you went about finding it. So it’s like we’ve done with our Research Projects. And it works in conjunction with your major paper.

For your Personal-Cultural Essay, you need at least 8 sources. I want you to use those sources for this Research Exercise. So it’s killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. You will construct a works cited page and beneath each entry you will evaluate the source and explain how it helped your paper. Each paragraph should be around 150 words, they should have either a direct quotation or a paraphrase, and you should document accordingly.

This assignment is worth 100 points and it is due by April 5th .

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