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Bp Oil Spill Essay

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In reviewing the analysis presented from Food Chain, the data shows that the number of white employees was significantly higher than black employees. When looking at promotions it appears that the promotion rates are about equal between whites and blacks but the total number of white employees versus black employees distorts these numbers. Looking at the analysis less than 10% of the Food Chain employees are black with a less than 10% promotion rate. This clearly shows discrimination. Looking at the same analysis over 90% of the Food Chain employees are white with a 10% promotion equaling higher promotion rates for whites than blacks.
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Jackson qualified for a crew leader position and had long tenure within the department but was passed over for the position for a less qualified employee. Records show that he was never considered for the position even though he had better qualifications and more experience for that position than the employee who was hired. Records also show that less qualified employees have been promoted while Jackson never received a promotion.
In a word of mouth promotion system, well qualified and experienced employees may never know about vacant positions because information is selectively given to individuals. Also it provides little structure in the hiring process because hiring is essentially based on who the hiring manager tells and who the hiring manager feels is better qualified. There are no guidelines and parameters to follow so the word of mouth hiring practice is bias and less efficient. For example, in Roy Thompson’s case, the hiring manager thought the less qualified employee was better suited for the position although Thompson had more experience and better qualifications. The hiring manager also advised Thompson that he would never be considered for the position which should not have been a practice within the company guidelines. If a better promotion system was in place, Thompson’s experience and qualifications would show that he was a better candidate for the position and may have resulted in him receiving a promotion or at least been considered for the promotion. This type of practice invites discrimination lawsuits and employees should be better trained to not discriminate based on various items.
Rutherford should first start by eliminating the word of mouth promotion process and put in a standardized hiring and promotion system. Based on the information that he has received the word of my mouth process and practices have resulted in numerous discrimination cases. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. This discrimination also includes hiring and firing, transfer, promotion or layoff, recruitment, training and apprenticeship programs, and...

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