Boys Who Watch Me Dance Essay

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Alissa Mathias
Interpreting Literature 8 a.m.
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5 April 2012
Boys Who Watch Me Dance
Part One: In the novel The House on Mango Street, in the chapter,”Chanclas”, Esperanza is at this dance and she didn’t want to dance at all because she was embarrassed of her shoes and her feet but she finally dances with her uncle and she notices in the room that there was this boy who “watched her dance” (Cisneros 48). That is one of the key points in this chapter and that is what Esperanza mainly focuses on. She almost blacks out the whole audience who is clapping for her and just focuses on the point that that boy watched her dance. Esperanza, at this point in the book, is ...view middle of the document...

Another example I know of is in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2. One of the daughters, Sarah Baker, notices that the other family’s son is looking at her, more in a flirting way. This occurs more than once in the movie and throughout the movie we see Sarah developing more girly like habits rather than her normal tom-boy self. One main example in the movie is when she is out on the lake helping her father clean out the old canoe and she looks up to see the boy staring at her and smiling at her. She instantly notices him and gets distracted and ends up getting her dad caught in a mess since she wasn’t focused on helping clean the canoe. She starts to realize that she is at an age where being friends with a guy can actually turn into something more. She grew up seeing it from her older sisters and brothers and now she is experiencing it herself. This pre-teen hormonal phase not only affected Sarah, but also affected the boy too. He catches himself throughout the movie watching...

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