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Boundary Issues In Counselling Essay

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Boundary Issues
Confidentiality and Supervision
Gary Carter
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This essay shall discuss the relevance of boundary issues in counselling. Boundary issues can be defined as the relational framework within which the counsellor and client work together. It is these boundaries that make it transparent to the client the limitations of the counsellor and the counselling process, In this way, boundaries are a safety net, a way of preventing harm to clients because rules and roles are clearly defined and therefore expectations can be met. This essay shall discuss confidentiality and supervision and there relevance in counselling.
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Supervision has been defined as “A working alliance between the supervisor and counsellor in which the counsellor can offer an account or recording of her work ,reflect on it, receive feedback and where appropriate, guidance” (Inskipp and Proctor, 2001,). Supervision is essential for ethical practice within counselling, as well as being fundamental to continued professional development (BACP, 2007). Within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, “There is an obligation to use regular and on-going supervision to enhance the quality of the services provided and to commit to updating practice by continuing professional development” (BACP, 2013). This comes under Beneficence and a commitment to promoting the client’s well-being. In addition, “There is an ethical responsibility to use supervision for appropriate personal and professional support and development . . .” (BACP 2013). In other words, supervision is not only essential for providing effective care for clients but also for providing effective self-care. As a consequence, it is mandatory for BACP-accredited counsellors to have...

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