Bottlenecks In Process Essay

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Bottlenecks in a Process
Dana R. Guthrie
OPS 571
Jesse Conques
July 30, 2012

Bottlenecks Identified in Driving to Work
A bottleneck refers to a hindrance to progress or production. It is very important to understand the process of bottlenecks because it can help with prioritizing a daily routine by applying the Goldratt theory of constraints. The theory of constraints is based on the idea of using scientific principles and logic to guide human-based organizations in their decision-making processes. This paper will contain the two bottlenecks encountered in my daily routine and how the theory of constraints can be used to overcome the two processes.
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Once this is solved, the remaining flow is practically free of potential bottlenecks.
There are ways in which this bottleneck can be properly eliminated. One possible method would involve shifting the process to a more expedient time in which the bottleneck may have excess capacity. For example, the driver could obtain gas prior to the flow even beginning; at a time in which the gas station is much less occupied, possibly at night. In other words, the amount of traffic at nighttime has less capacity to produce the transport of other vehicles, which would make the process of obtaining gas more quickly. This, in turn, would permit the driver to drive directly to work every morning without having to drive to a gas station during the flow. The driver may obtain additional gas on the weekend, which would also permit the driver to drive directly to work, although the process may take longer. The driver may consider speeding up the initial steps so as to reduce the potential bottleneck’s capacity to slow down the flow.
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