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Bottled Water Packaging Essay

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The Effect of Bottled Water Packaging on Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty
The survey questionnaires were distributed to 144 participant. Informed agreement was obtained from the participants. In addition, information and ID numbers was required. The participants were also informed about the purpose of the study. The purpose of this survey is to see how specific bottled water brand can affect consumer's loyalty and satisfaction. The collected information were analyzed and reported using Excel and bar chart. The core reason for which this method of data collection has been used is due to its external validity and for further understanding. As the participants for this study are ...view middle of the document...

In regard to what we discovered, 69% of consumers would buy another brand rather than their frequent brand. To add, the mean in this question was 1.369 which is closer to buy another brand rather than going to find your brand in another store.
3. Which of the following most closely matches how you buy Bottled Water?

Based on the responses from this question the most frequent answer was the second choice which is that people do not care about the price as much as the quality. The data analysis shows that a percentage of 46% were referred to the quality. One of the other choices was a percentage of 28% which basically shows that it is 16% less than the most frequent choice most of people have chosen.
4. You thought the packaging reflected a quality of product.

The results were that most people strongly disagree with it but the average of packaging that reflects quality was 3.972 which is approximately neutral that it may or not be reversed to the quality of the bottled water.
5. Product information on the package reflected healthiness.

This question is one of the main reasons of choosing the brand of the bottled water and how to define the quality of it because information of the bottled water shows healthiness of it. According to the data shown, most of people who have done the survey have strongly agreed that product information reflects healthiness to the water because it shows the quality of the bottled water. The average of this question was 4.929 which are more than neutral and this makes all of people agree with packaging that reflects healthiness.
6. How important each of the following attribute of packaging to you when you make purchase decision of Bottled Water?
Talking about the shape of the bottled water which is an important element in choosing your brand. According to the data, the mode is 5 which shows that they agree that shape is important in choosing the packaging of the bottled water. The shape of the bottled water has impacts on the decision of choosing the brand, therefore, the average of how importance the shape equals 4.364 which is more than neutral and that is why shape is important
7. What is the Bottled Water brand you buy most frequently?

The most interesting question in this survey was this where it shows that the kind of brands people like to drink. The mostly chosen brand in water from the participants who done this survey was Abraaj with a percentage of 31% because this brand is a Kuwaiti brand and it is better than exporting bottled water. Secondly, Aquafina brand with a 28% percentage which is exported bottled water that comes from the well-known company, Pepsi, which is one of the biggest exporters in the world. Thirdly, Arwa bottled water that showed 20% of the data, this kind of brand is also local but its ingredients are the same as Abraaj brand. Moreover, all of the other brands were less than 10% which makes few people loyal to their brands. In addition, few people...

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