Born To The Beat. Speaks Of The Beat Generation

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What better way is there to capture history or to sum up a generation of thought,than through literature? To look back into the past to see what events took place andwhat the mood of the people was, people look to literature. It displays the lifestyles ofthe time and an intimate peek into the lives of the past. The Beat Generation capturesthe attitude of kids that had lived through World War II and their perspective oneverything from politics to personal philosophy. But the Beat Generation did not justproduce a mundane account of this time period...they did not just express their politicalviews in conventional essay format. The Beat Generation was one of the first group ofwriters to break ...view middle of the document...

Most didn't like it. ' -What doyou think about the Beat Generation?- -I don't think it's anything. I don't think it exists.There's no such thing as the Beat Generation.-' (Corso)The beats could be best known for their writing style. It was unique for that timeto cast aside conventional structure of sentences and poetry. They used dashes insteadof commas and periods because it is the way one speaks and hears speech. 'Noperiods separating sentence-structures already arbitrarily riddled by false colons andtimid usually needless commas-but the vigorous space dash separating rhetoricalbreathing...' (Kerouac) And their poetry had a style of its own, unknown to any othergroups of poets at that time; no rhyming, no structure, non-conforming beauty, andthat is a triumph on its own.In the 1950's, it was not common to openly express homosexuality, but thebeats did, as they expressed every aspect of their life so openly. They publiclyprotested war before the hippies were out of junior high. Tuli Kupferberg wrote '1001Ways to Beat the Draft' in 1966 and all of its profits were donated to the peacemovement. They were the heavy drug users before it was 'socially accepted'. Theyopened doors to different ways of life and freedom of the mind and it was all expressedthrough their literature.Not only was the content of their literature rare for the time which they lived in,but their way of life was too. When one thinks of the fifties, they think of uptight parentsand good children in poodle skirts. But the beats were the rebels, the kids that dressedin black that you didn't want your daughter...

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