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Border Control Essay

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Are the Borders Really Out of Control?

Over the past decade or so the United States has been faced with an immigration problem. Similar to the immigration boom in the early twentieth century, we once again find seemingly countless amounts of people storming our country. America has the potential to face many devastating problems if this issue is not acted upon before it gets any more out of our control. Although there are many benefits of immigration, it has been documented that with the increase of illegal immigration crime rates rise; therefore, more tax money is spent on incarceration. Also, with broken borders we run the risk of more terrorism and the need to spend our funds in ...view middle of the document...

Crime is also another big issue we face when we are confronted by illegal immigration.
Some people may look at this and simply say, “Big deal, now we have some extra people.” I wish it were that simple. Many people in this region are under the assumption that all of these immigrants are self-minding migrant workers. But, there are some facts I uncovered about many of these illegal immigrants that even alarmed me when I read them. New data from the federal Bureau of Prisons show that twenty-nine percent of the federal prisoner populations, about 47,570 people, are immigrants. Mexicans, Colombians, Cubans, and Dominican Republicans account for more than twenty percent of the total federal prisoner population. In Los Angeles alone, ninety-five percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide target illegal aliens. These criminals and illegal aliens cost the American people $891 million in 2002 (Immigration Report). Pennsylvania, a state that one might think is somewhat under-the-radar when it comes to immigration spent $13.3 millions dollars of its taxpayer’s money to incarcerate illegal aliens (Facts on Illegal Immigration). It is easy to see that not all immigrants, illegal or not, have the best intentions when coming to America. America is also faced with other problems when our borders are broken.
Only a few years ago, our country was hit with the largest scale terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor. Everyone remembers September eleventh, but does anyone remember the terrorists behind it? Maybe you have already guessed what this is leading to; if you guessed that those terrorists were illegal aliens, you are correct. Three of the terrorists involved in the September eleventh attacks were living in this country illegally and sixteen other potential hijackers got away according to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). There are other major problems we still face with illegal immigration in...

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