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Jazz Video Log

Jazz was born in New Orleans in the earless 1800's. Jazz was played in many theaters in New Orleans at its start. The first jazz hit was written down and performed by a white man named Daddy Rice, he had stolen the song from an african american man named Jim Crowe. African American slaves were a huge part of early jazz music and its upbringing. Around the same as jazz New Orleans began to hear the blues. Many slaves played the blues to find mean in there life. The blues was built on just 3 bars. Many song talk about pain, struggle, and climbing to adversity. Though the blues was about ...view middle of the document...

Buddy Bolden invented the big 4 and changed the face of music forever. Buddy Bolden was best known for his hot music that he played all over town. By 1906 Buddy Bolden became the best black musician in new orleans now known as "King Bolden". Children would watch him on his porch every morning just to hear him practice. Bolden eventually became a heavy drinker and started to miss performances and practices, but in september of 1906 he was set to play in a parade but start walking against the marchers, this would be his last performance ever played. He would be diagnosed with dementia praecox and would live the remainder of his life in an insane asylum until he passed away in 1931.

Another great Jazz musician was Jellyroll Morton who was born in 1890. His composition " Jelly Roll Blues" was the first published jazz composition. He was the first to put his compositions down on paper. Morton sang and played piano. His birth name is Ferdiand Joseph LaMothe. Morton would lie to his grandmother (whom he lived with at the time) and tell her he was working nights, but not as a Jazz player. Eventually his grandmother caught wind of what he was doing and kicked him out of the house forever. He hit the road at seventeen and never again returned home. He supported himself by gambling, playing cards, shooting pool, and pimping. The music Buddy Bolden and Morton were playing was also known as ratty or gut bucket music. before Jazz was called Jazz it was known as "Jass". By 1910 Jazz would be known by several musicians of its time. Morton would pass away in 1941 .


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