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Booz Allen Essay

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Running Header: “Greening” Waste Management

“Greening” Waste Management Services at Booz Allen Hamilton
Laura E. Johnson
Assignment 5, Course 761.700
February 8, 2009

Executive Summary
“Greening” is a growing requirement for our Government clients and increasingly important for our brand and to attract talent. We are likely to face challenges selling our clients on environmentally responsible practices if we are not ourselves forward-looking. This study specifically focused on improving Booz Allen’s waste management and recycling programs as part of its broader focus on corporate social responsibility.
Interviews were conducted with key ...view middle of the document...

We are likely to face challenges selling our clients on environmentally responsible practices if we are not ourselves forward-looking. With 20,000 employees in 80 offices, Booz Allen Hamilton has much to gain from focusing its attention on its own enormous environmental footprint. This report specifically focuses on improving Booz Allen’s waste management and recycling programs and implementing a “greening” change communications strategy as part of its broader focus on corporate social responsibility.
“Greening” is used to refer to employing environmentally-friendly practices in one’s personal lifestyle, in a business or manufacturing environment, in the way we build infrastructure and communicate with one another, and so on. “Greening” is a growing requirement for our Government clients and increasingly important for our brand and to attract talent.
On January 24th, 2007, President Bush signed the Executive Order, "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management" (President Bush issues, p. 5) , which is driving change for Booz Allen’s Federal clients (e.g., Booz Allen is currently supporting multiple Defense and Civil agency clients to improve their procurement practices and overall sustainability position). With the new administration, anticipated additional requirements and pressures are coming. There is also growing state and local interest in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Booz Allen must “walk the talk” to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. The federal government is increasing requirements for contractors to demonstrate elements of sustainability, so Booz Allen must continue to develop intellectual capital that keeps us on the leading edge to best serve our clients.
Considering the expanding opportunities in the Energy and Environment markets and our developing “greening” client service offering, it is important for Booz Allen to examine its own environmental programs and initiatives. A thoroughly researched and well developed implementation plan and communications strategy to “green” waste management in Booz Allen Hamilton facilities will help us achieve our corporate social responsibility goals and increase the awareness regarding environmental issues with our employees.
Overview of Research Process
In order to tackle the challenge of “greening” Booz Allen’s waste management practices, I conducted interviews with key stakeholders and employees to establish a baseline on current activities. Additionally, I reviewed reports and materials provided by interviewees and articles with varying perspectives on “greening.”
I conducted an initial set of interviews to understand the Booz Allen employee perspective on waste reduction and recycling efforts. I created a standard questionnaire for interviews with two employees: Akins Lawal and Elizabeth Fox. Questions and answers from these interviews are included in Appendix A. In addition, I...

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