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Boom Essay

795 words - 4 pages

First Day on the Job
Sheree N. Krider
Strayer University

Dr. Sheila Monjeau Letica
Hrm530- Strategic Human Resources Management
November 30, 2011

Question: Discuss the factors causing the employee’s dissatisfaction.
Employee dissatisfaction is the forerunner to a number of concerns and issues within the workplace. It is vital for management to recognize the signs of employee dissatisfaction before it spread amongst multiple employees. Employees almost always send signals if their discontent. There are many factors that caused this employee’s dissatisfaction. The employee felt exhausted and frustrated while also feeling that she was not being challenged to learn new skills ...view middle of the document...

This will provide Malik the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns the employee may have. It is very important that management is an active listener when talking with the employee. Once there is full understanding of the issue at hand, Malik should offer his help in making the situation better. Doing this will allow Malik and his employee to develop some type of action plan between manager and employee. One must make sure that the employee is a part of the solution not just the problem (Rothwell & Kazanas, 2004). As a manager Malik will need to be encouraging to his employee. Making sure he is available to help, support, and assist will show the employee that he cares about her best interest. In the end, it is very important to have open lines of communication, remaining solution oriented and focusing on dissatisfied employees to ensure positive results and a happy staff.
Question: Identify long term changes Malik should suggest for this organization, if it appears that his employee is not the only one with these complaints?
Malik should suggest the organization utilize developmental relationships. A successful developmental relationship can be identified as training, tutoring, coaching and mentoring. These relationships provide support and encouragement for personal and professional growth (Stewart & Brown, 2009). Coaching is a common form of developmental relationship; this will allow the organization to equip certain individuals with the necessary tools, knowledge and opportunities that they will need in order to be successful in the workplace. Mentoring is a one on one relationship between a less experienced individual with a more experienced...

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