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Future of Printed Books in the Digital Age
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Once upon a time printed books were the undisputed medium of expressing literary culture, as well as source of information and knowledge. Books were a central part of the society acting as a vehicle for carrying and disseminating histories, ideas, stories, and pictures. However, over the centuries, the literary culture of reading and relying on printed books as the primary source of information has gradually changed. The digital age is populated with technology, which has revolutionized all aspects of lifestyle. Thompson (2005) notes that one of these aspects is the culture of reading printed material from ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, they acquire the sources in e-format in accordance with the requirements of the digital era. The availability and accessibility of e-books or sources in e-formats in both public and institutional libraries discourage people from seeking printed books, a habit that will eventually face out printed books (Gomez, 2009). Moreover, other factors that discourage readers from printed sources are that they require high investments that many readers cannot afford, and the libraries use obsolete methods of operations that discourage the readers from visiting libraries. Additionally, the increasing activism on environmental conservation in this digital age also poses a significant threat to the future existence of printed books (Flood, 2014). This is because people prefer e-books for their environmentally friendly nature than printed books that contribute to environmental degradation due to cutting of tree to make papers.
Undeniably, the digital age is slowly facing out printed books, which threatens their future...

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