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The influence of books verses The influence of T.V What seems like a straightforward comparison – books versus TV, culture versus the boob tube – is more complex than it seems at first, because we have to ask questions – not just about what we are reading or watching, but how we are doing it. Reading books aloud with your child help stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world around them. Reading helps them develop language and listening skills. Throughout time children’s television shows have progressed to stimulate your child in many developmental areas such as cognitive and language skills. Some critics argue that due to this progression some argue that reading ...view middle of the document...

The experience of written text heard aloud is enduringly popular, and not just as a second-rate substitute when one is driving or can’t see, and it can be social.

Even if we take reading as silent and individual, it does not have to be solitary. Consider two bibliophiles sitting in a room together, each reading their own book. To a non-reader it might look very unfriendly, but book lovers know the companionable feeling of reading in the presence of another reader. There’s a sympathetic vibe, a sense of shared enjoyment underlying the apparent individuality of the reading experience. Reading in this context is a kind of interaction in parallel – experiences that remain separate, but within touching distance, and therefore still social.

What’s more, even solitary silent reading can be social in a different way. One of the greatest pleasures for a true reader is to share a book with a friend. “What did you think of it?” I have taken great pleasure in reading a book along with a friend, both of us with our own copies read in different times and places, but coming together for discussion that enriches the experience far beyond that of solitary reading. Similarly, I have benefited greatly from both borrowing and lending books from friends and mentors. Call it being sequentially social: the book is read in independent solitude, but the experience becomes relational.

The last kind of reading that is the most frustrating is silent, independent reading with no outlet for communication or discussion with another person. Sometimes this is a frustrating experience: the book might be an escape, but it is a dead-end escape, an escape to an emotional desert island with no one else around. The value of a book in these circumstances is to be a window to a different place, showing the isolated reader something beyond the here and now. Especially when the here and now is oppressive or discouraging, the value of such a window is incalculable.
T.V also allows children to experience different cultures that they normally wouldn’t get a chance to experience. Given the facts T.V in moderation can be as positive as reading. Television is an inexpensive way to keep your child entertained while you complete household chores or just take a moment to yourself. Television can be entertaining and educational; can expose your child to different cultures.
Through media children can explore places and animals or things that they normally couldn’t see most kids are not able to visit Africa or see a giraffe in the wild but many have seen these things on T.V. Television can motivate kids to want to read books kids can also analyze when discussing their favorite television show using their cognitive skills compare and contrast different characters, normally with most educational T.V shows there is a moral or lesson to be taught watching the show with your children you can also implement the show to refer back to their behavior and that will provide them with better...

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