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Book Summary Essay

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CHAPTER 1 the Art of Smart
• Talks about how intelligence insight helps win the game of risk and reward
• To understand competitive perspective is like visiting an art museum
• Example: a painting called The Seine at the Grande Jatte by impressionist painter Georges Seurat: inches away you cannot see the whole picture, stepping back a few feet you gain the whole perspective of the entire painting
• Developing intelligence on a competitor is similar to creating a pointillist painting, the goal is not to create the perfect picture but a picture that is representative of reality
• Intelligence is
(1) using information efficiently
(2) about making critical decisions
(3) the ...view middle of the document...

Harvard got Microsoft and Time Warner; MIT got Yahoo! and Google
• Rules: (1) assign teams to represent competitors, key customer groups, vital suppliers or even government regulatory bodies (2) analyze and present your first strategic response (3) revise strategy (4) introduce a market-shifting scenario (5) regroup and assess your own strategy
• All war games need a facilitator: a neutral guide who keeps the teams on track and the strategic thinking moving forward to a successful conclusion
• 3 generic strategies companies can use to be more profitable than the average company in the industry: (1) they can differentiate themselves (2) they can be low cost (3) they can focus on a particular market segment or geographic niche
• Porter’s four corners model helps assessing how companies shape their individual strategy within that industry: (1) A driver (2) Assumptions (3) Strategy (4) Capability
• MIT’s Google team won
o It used the war game as a means to explore and expose its rivals’ weaknesses
o It identified Microsoft’s reliance on its cash as a deficit
o It knew AOL was mired in its own mud hole (an early Internet age model of dedicated dial-up subscribers
o It saw Yahoo! as playing with too many options at the same time
• Insights gained from the war game
(1) Expect to win at the margins, not vanquish your rivals
(2) Learn the implication of your decisions
(3) Avoid the merger solution
(4) Let the game take you back to the future
(5) Pay attention of existing relationships

CHAPTER 7 Competitive Fogg
• The speed of getting the intelligence is crucial in the companies success
• Rothschild mastered the art of speedy commuincation of political or financial news before the age of trains or telegraphs
• Mr. Rothschild believes that it is not only the speed of the communication but also the how to react to this intelligence to beat out your competition
i. The news of Napoleon’s defeat story: heard of the news before everyone else did, sold all securities as if Napoleon one, all the competitors did the same until the market bottomed up and then I went back and bought all of the securities back at rock bottom prices… huge profit
• Secrecy is also an important aspect of this competitive intelligence gathering
• Establishing networks in Vienna and London was part of creating a powerful intelligence network
• Warren Buffet is a master of seeing successful franchises and acquiring them
• His strength stems from a great science of competitive intelligence and gathering of information
• It might seems like he just shoots of the hip but he does not, he gathers information and see market trends and ask himself, do I stand a chance competing against this store and if the answer is no then, it is time to buy it…
• Investment is a discipline built upon a rational set of data according to Buffet
• Wal-Mart and Dell successes stems from controlling suppliers and customer expectation which...

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