Book Review Of Boris Yeltsin`s “Midnight Diaries”

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Critical Book Review of Boris Yeltsin`s “Midnight Diaries”

Boris Yeltsin was the first freely elected President of Russia. He was President during the first turbulent decade of Post-Communist Russia. In his third memoirs Boris Yeltsin talks about his last years in presidential office: the presidential election campaign in 1996 and the role of his daughter Tatiana; the special relationship between Germany, France and Russia, which had developed after 1997; the inclusion of Russia into the G8-summits in 1998 and his attempts to maintain Russians position as a global power; the economic decline after the financial crisis of 1998 and his efforts to reform the economy; the wars in Chechnya and ...view middle of the document...

He was a self-proclaimed democrat with a more instinctive than rational understanding of what democracy really meant.
“Truthful and open", Boris Yeltsin wanted to be in his memoirs. And actually the book holds a revealing surprise: He tells rather casually that in March 1996 when the presidential elections were approaching and Yeltsin was far behind in the polls, he planned to dissolve the Duma, to ban the Communist Party and to postpone the presidential elections. Only because of the insistence of his daughter Tanja he revoked his plan. It is certainly true that no Soviet head of state had to work in conditions like the first President of Russia. But this episode reveals not only an authoritarian, anti-democratic attitude of Yeltsin but also the considerable influence of his daughter concerning the decisions in the Kremlin.
In his book Yeltsin talks also about his health problems and about his heavy drinking. He acknowledges that the drinking was a mean for him to get rid of stress quickly. Yeltsin`s state of health was really bad. He had several heart attacks and had to undergo a heart surgery at the beginning of his second term as Russian President. Because of his health problems, Yeltsin was absent from politics a lot. His political aides were even caught trying to present an old video of him as new material in the presidential campaign in 1996. After Yeltsin´s successful re-election the recurring heart problems made him realize that he would need a successor as president sooner or later. As a result, Yeltsin replaced one prime minister after another in his second term, until he finally found a man that he thought was fit for this position. In his opinion Vladimir Putin united a clear commitment to democracy and market economy with strong patriotism. Yeltsin promoted him from intelligence chief to prime minister and then to president.
With regard to foreign affairs Yeltsin writes in his memoirs among other things about his view on the Kosovo conflict. He opposed the military action of NATO against the Milosevic regime in Yugoslavia. Yeltsin tried to enforce Russia’s own geopolitical interests during the conflict which forced Russia into a political and military confrontation with the West. Therefore, his command to send airborne troops to the airport of Pristina should demonstrate the military strength of Russia. One of Yeltsin`s biggest political challenges was to deal with the separatists in Chechnya. During his time in office there was the First Chechen War and the start of the Second Chechen War. Yeltsin feared that the separatism would tear Russia down from within. His goal as...

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