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Book Review For The Outsiders

618 words - 3 pages

Amber Luo
G8 English
Dally the Hero
To you, what is a hero? What characteristics are required for a person to be a hero? To me, I think that the main thing that a hero or heroine needs to have is to be willing to sacrifice themselves for one another, and the minor things are that they should not betray their friends, and should be strong and brave. In this novel, The Outsiders, I think that Dally is the most heroic person because he fits all of the characteristics that a hero is required to have. He is willing to sacrifice for his friends, he stands on his friend’s side even if he knows that they are doing something wrong, and he is really strong. In fact, he’s the toughest, so without him, the greasers may have lost the rumble.
I think that Dally is a hero because he is ...view middle of the document...

And also when Johnny was fighting against death, Dally stayed in the hospital, and never left, and didn’t rest. He stayed with Johnny all the time, and gave him his support.
The second reason that makes me think that Dally is a hero is because he doesn’t betray his friends, and in fact, he helps them when they’re in trouble. Using the same example as the previous paragraph, when Ponyboy and Johnny wanted to run away, he gave them money, a gun, and clothes. It could make him go to jail, but he didn’t care. Also, he didn’t betray them by telling the police or anyone else including Ponyboy’s brother, Darry. He promised Ponyboy, so he kept his promise and didn’t tell him. Also, when Ponyboy and Johnny were at the church, Dally went to check on them, and brought things for them. It is really impressive, because he didn’t tell on them, and even came to help them. There aren’t that many people like this now.
Last but not least, I think that Dally is a hero because he is strong. The greasers could have lost without him. Although he had an injured arm at that time, he still fought well. The greasers could’ve lost because when the Socs decided to leave, Ponyboy was beaten up badly, and felt that he would faint. So, without Dally holding up some of the Socs, Ponyboy probably would’ve fainted, and the greasers would give up. Also, Dally has been to jail many times, and he must be tough from that. As long as he doesn’t do bad things, he’s still a hero. Also, because he is really tough and strong, he’s like the boss of the greasers. No one disobeys what he says.
I think that Dally is the most heroic character in the story because he is willing to sacrifice himself for others; he helps his friends and doesn’t betray them; and also, he is the toughest of all greasers and is really strong.

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