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Book Report Nancy Grace

1329 words - 6 pages

Objection! How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice System
Nancy Grace with Diane Clehane

Does our Justice System Seek the Truth, Or Does It Protect The Defendant?

Publication Date: June 8, 2005
336 Pages
Publisher: Hyperion

In Objection!, the author confirms that our justice system is not infallible. This book specifically details celebrity defendants found innocent by our justice system when it is very likely they were actually guilty. These celebrity suspects are handled with kid gloves, booked at their convenience, and arrive chauffeured in limousines. Nancy Grace sets out to prove the impact 24/7 media ...view middle of the document...

The defense attorneys sometimes hide the truth and intentionally hide evidence from the jury. Instead of searching for the truth, it becomes a game. It’s about who is the best in court, who is clever enough to outsmart the other, who is clever enough to trick the jurors. To the defense attorney, it isn’t about ethics, it’s about just doing their job. The truth doesn’t seem to matter to some members of the defense. The first example of celebrity pampering was the Robert Blake case. He was accused of killing his wife. He fired one defense team after another resulting in continuance or delay. There are no limits to the number of continuances in a case and the author feels a solution to this issue would be a strict statutory number of continuances for either side.
The lines are drawn in court. The state seeks the truth and the defense zealously defends its clients. Many defense attorneys become very wealthy and become celebrities themselves. Defense attorneys like Cochran and Geragos are very charming and likeable and can influence a jury. Juror’s sometimes favor a well known person or celebrity because they feel that they know the person. In many cases, the strategy of the defense is to discredit the victim and paint a negative picture of the victim. Geragos lost the Peterson murder trial, but this trial launched him to stardom.
Consider all who now profit from what should be tragedies. Many times, our tax dollars, not the defendant foot the bill for the defense and expert witnesses. Jurors are being paid for interviews and book deals, and witnesses are selling interviews. Often, these breaches or leaks result in a mistrial. Many feel that these leaks are part of the defense teams plan. Even respected television like 60 minutes paid Michael Jackson $1 million dollars for and exclusive interview after he was charged with child molestation. Martha Stewart’s brother sold over 200 of her personal items and wrote a book. Even worse, people sold debris from the 9/11 tragedy.
Defense attorneys can also manipulate the jury. One of the ways they do this is by manipulating the crime scene. Often, the crime scene is scrubbed clean of and blood and other signs of violence before the jury views it. They often employ sequestration to keep family members out of the courtroom which dehumanizes the victim. The defense can ban the jury from knowing the defendant’s previous crimes. They feel the jurors should make their decision based on the facts, not based on the defendant’s track record, and so previous history is disallowed as evidence. Also, polygraph test results are admissible under the law.
The jury in the Jayson Williams murder trial of his chauffer didn’t know this wasn’t his first offense. The judge disallowed evidence that he shot his dog in the head for misbehaving and then threatened to shoot the friend who was with him. Also, that he shot...

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