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Bonfire Of Disney Princesses Essay

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The article I chose to debate about was the "Bonfire of the Disney Princesses” by Barbara Ehrenreich and “Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney princesses” by Lara Descartes and Melissa A. Collier-Meek. The popular Disney Princess line includes nine films (e.g., Snow White, Beauty and the Beast) and over 25,000 marketable products. Gender role depictions of the prince and princess characters were examined with a focus on their behavioral characteristics and climactic outcomes in the films. The article I chose to do is about the Gender roles of Disney Princesses and how they affect kids of this age of time.
The Disney Princess line was created in 2001 as advertising and marketing ...view middle of the document...

The authors compared cartoons for variability between male and female characters, and performed an analysis of changes over time (Thompson and Zerbinos). I believe that most of the reasons for having the Disney princesses were to make girls believe that there life can be promising if they just believe in themselves and they can make it anywhere and can get the guy or girl of their dreams.
Disney roles have been portrayed in many different stereotypical ways during the beginning of the first Disney princess’s movie which came out in 1937. These movies have been stereotypical to show the difference between the two genders and how they act toward each other. An examination of six Disney heroines found a focus on their sexuality and the “exotic,” particularly in characters of color (Lacroix 2004). Disney has used sexism and racism in films to show that they to show the difference between characters. They would illustrate the paleness, small waists, short boney arms and legs. Together these studies demonstrate the interesting work that has been done in the field of the gender role that is portrayed and is stereotypical in the selection of the Disney movies. However an important limitation of these studies the qualitative nature of the analyses (Dundes 2001; Lacroix 2004; Ono and Buescher 2001).
Consequently, children’s perceptions of social roles...

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