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Bombshell Essay

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Bombshells Benefit Calendar Business Plan 

Executive Summary 

SSSAMM Inc. plans to create a benefit calendar called, Bond’s 
Bombshells. The calendar will contain photographs of female Bond 
University students who have been selected to be the Bombshells from 
Bond Uni. The calendar will include advertisements from local vendors 
that appeal to the target population along with information on 
upcoming events on campus. The calendar will not only be functional, 
to keep up on action on campus, provide coupons and deals with local 
businesses but the photos of the Bombshells will also be enjoyable to 
customers’ visual desires. 

The calendar will be created for the target ...view middle of the document...

All the profits made from this product will be 
donated to Plan Australia, a charity whose purpose is to help end the 
poverty across the world. All production costs will be covered by the 
sale of advertisements to local businesses. The businesses will place 
advertisements and coupons throughout the calendar adding to the value 
of the product. 

The best kind of marketing for a product like this is word of mouth. 
As customers are satisfied with their purchase they will spread word 
to others that could be interested in the calendar. A demand has 
been established in the market, which was discovered through marketing 
research. From a poll of male students on campus a majority of them 
said they would buy the calendar and others suggested that there is a 
high percentage of others that would also buy Bond’s Bombshells 
benefit calendar. 

SSSAMM Inc. is a small start up company made up of Bond University 
management students. They each have something particular to bring to 
the project and with the continuous cooperation they have all shown 
there is confidence in their success. They have set goals to run this 
project, research to production to selling, as smoothly as possible, 
without any kinks in their plan. Appraisal for the group will be 
measured both for the company and for each individual. Appraisal will 
be based off of how well company and individual goals were met. 


Product Information 

SSSAMM Inc. will be creating Bond’s Bombshells benefit calendar 2005. 
The calendar will lie out like the rough sketch found in Appendix I. 
The rough sketch includes the idea of having a photo on the top half, 
and on the bottom the name of the month, the calendar with events on 
campus included as well as sponsor ads along the side of the grid of 
days. The design for the calendar will be created by Ashley Glenster 
a graphic designer from the Gold Coast free of charge and as a 
personal favour to the company. The cover to the calendar will consist 
of a lovely female Bond student and the Bond University seal. All the 
pictures on the top half of the calendar will be of volunteer female 
students at Bond Uni, each picture will contain one or more girls 
posed in swimsuits and participating in an athletic activity. The 
photos will be taken by Photographer David Law, also free of charge. 
Along with her picture, a bio of her name, age, hobbies and other such 
things will be added to each page as a way for our customers to become 
closer with the models. Once all photos are taken, all sponsors 
advertisements are collected and the design is final they will all be 
brought to a printer to print the final product. The calendar will be 
printed on glossy size A5 paper and folded in half and will be a total 
of 12 months beginning with March 2005 and ending with February 2006. 
We plan to produce around 200 calendars, depending on the amount of 
sponsor support we receive along with the cost...

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