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Day of the Week:
January has 31 days. It means that every date in February will be 3 days later than the same date in January(28 is 4 weeks exactly). The below table is calculated in such a way. Remember this table which will help you to calculate.
January 0
February 3
March 3
April 6
May 1
June 4
July 6
August 2
September 5
October 0
November 3
December 5

Step1: Ask for the Date. Ex: 23rd June 1986
Step2: Number of the month on the list, June is 4.
Step3: Take the date of the month, that is 23
Step4: Take the last 2 digits of the year, that is 86.
Step5: Find out the number of leap years. Divide the last 2 digits of the year by 4, 86 divide by 4 is 21.
Step6: Now add ...view middle of the document...


Sequential Inputs of 6
6 x 7 = 42
66 x 67 = 4422
666 x 667 = 444222
6666 x 6667 = 44442222
66666 x 66667 = 4444422222
666666 x 666667 = 444444222222
6666666 x 6666667 = 44444442222222
66666666 x 66666667 = 4444444422222222
666666666 x 666666667 = 444444444222222222

Age Calculation Tricks:
Step1: Multiply the first number of the age by 5. (If 100, ex: 102, then take 10 as the first digit, 2 as the second one.)
Step2: Add 3 to the result.
Step3: Double the answer.
Step4: Add the second digit of the number with the result.
Step5: Subtract 6 from it.

Math Magic/Tricks
Trick 1: Number below 10
Step1: Think of a number below 10.
Step2: Double the number you have thought.
Step3: Add 6 with the getting result.
Step4: Half the answer, that is divide it by 2.
Step5: Take away the number you have thought from the answer, that is, subtract the answer from the number you have thought.
Answer: 3
Trick 2: Any Number
Step1: Think of any number.
Step2: Subtract the number you have thought with 1.
Step3: Multiply the result with 3.
Step4: Add 12 with the result.
Step5: Divide the answer by 3.
Step6: Add 5 with the answer.
Step7: Take away the number you have thought from the answer, that is, subtract the answer from the number you have thought.
Answer: 8
Trick 3: Any Number
Step1: Think of any number.
Step2: Multiply the number you have thought with 3.
Step3: Add 45 with the result.
Step4: Double the result.
Step5: Divide the answer by 6.
Step6: Take away the number you have thought from...

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