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Boeing Paper

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Running Head: Week 3Paper

Week 3 Paper

Rodney Buras



29 December, 2009 – 1 February, 2010


Boeing’s Management

Social responsibility is an individual or a group’s actions benefiting the society more than oneself or more than one group. Research and development is another avenue the airline companies have. Boeing benefits use of industrial research to provide a safe and effective service for their customers. The purpose of research and development, is to raise profits, it also allows an effective service for their customers. These factors became recognized in explaining ...view middle of the document...

It is really important for policies to be followed so the integrity of plans in action is not compromised.

Economic Conditions
Current economic conditions are the deciding factor of how Boeing plans operationally, strategically and tactically. Since the United States has experience an economic downturn since 2001, Boeing has suffered due to financial trouble in the airline business. Business has reduced significantly, and Boeing has been forced to look to other opportunities for business, one of the main focuses for manufacturing has been the military with their contract. Boeing found relief from getting a contract with US. Airforce worth $49.2 billion (Advantage Business Media, 2007). Boeing also began business relationships with several countries outside of the US, and has continued increasing business with the increase of air traffic (Boeing, 2001). Boeing is making a steady effort to take advantage of the demand for aircraft in China, India, and Saudi Arabia. Future plans will revolve around the demand and global market trends.


Competition is another example of how Boeing has to plan tactically and strategically. Airbus is Boeing's biggest competition in the industry. Currently, Airbus is the leading manufacturer of commercial jets (Yahoo, 2008). Even though Boeing is trying to expand their commercial business, their inability to meet production deadlines are causing clients to choose to go to Airbus to meet their need immediately by avoiding a delay. At this time Boeing is experiencing problems due to their assembly line, which has caused them to change deadlines. In effect causing their main competitor Airbus to experience a large backlog due to the increasing shift of clientele from Boeing to Airbus, so they are planning to increase their monthly output. Lockheed Martin is Boeing's biggest competition in defense systems (Yahoo, 2008). In order to minimize backlog, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have worked on numerous projects together in attempt to meet a greater demand.


Government regulations have indirectly affected the output of planes that Boeing has manufactured. When Boeing designs new models of planes, before they are flown Boeing must obtain a certificate issued by the U.S. The U.S. Government has initiated protocols to make sure passengers are safe flying in aircraft. The information obtained from government studies has account in the planning process of Boeing phases of development of a new aircraft. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has many safety standards that planes must meet in order to be...

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