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Body Image Essay

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Body Image

1. Give an outline of the various attitudes to cosmetic surgery in the three texts.

Our body image is a big part of our lives. In post-modern society how we look and dress can determine whether we are happy or not. Our surrounding environment decides our ideal body type more than ourselves. Obviously this can cause problems for people who can't meet society's extremely high standards. The body image created by the media has great influence on young people and their self-esteem. Achieving the ”perfect body” might seem impossible. However, cosmetic surgery is now a popular method used to make us more attractive. Nevertheless there're various attitudes towards cosmetic surgery ...view middle of the document...


The media has a great responsibility to give a healthy role model for young people to follow. Naturally, when media can give unhealthy role models they can give healthy ones as well. If the media stopped retouching and editing images and videos people would get a better understanding of what healthy bodies look like. Actors and actresses in TV-series and movies are most likely beautiful and “perfect” looking people. Maybe the industry should consider whether the looks of their characters or the health of their audience are more important.

But people need to be critical too. We need to know the difference between TV and reality. Of course we can't achieve the “perfect body”, so what? We don't have to. If you want confidence and to believe in yourself, you'll have to accept the fact that you don't look anything like a model. If people start believing in themselves, we can start accepting our differences.

3. Taking your starting point in text 2, discuss why so many people will do anything for beauty.

Your look is the...

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