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Bob M Arley Essay

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It has been a long, stressful day for me. After lectures, tests, and a painful headache, Advil would not even touch the pain. I'd be ready to scream, without the wonders that music therapy offers. Not just any music therapy will do; I need bed rest, lights out, and the particular CD, Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Instantly, the sweet sounds of the guitar and the flowing rhythm of the musical instruments relax me. Bob Marley's voice gently whispers, "Everything's gonna be all right" in "No Woman No Cry," and this helps me realize that everything is gonna be all right! In the song, "Three Little Birds," ...view middle of the document...

In the CD liner notes, Marley says, "I love the development of our music. How we've tried to develop, y'know? It grows. That's why every day people come forward with new songs. Music goes on forever" (Bob Marley and the Wailers 2). Bob has an original twist to his music that cannot be replaced or even compared to, making him the premier Third World artist, a legend whose work is "charismatic and challenging" (White).In 1964, Bob joined with the Wailing Wailers to record their first CD, Simmer Down. This was the beginning of Bob's forever fame. The sounds of Marley's music evolved over time. He was influenced by the sounds of Jamaican music. Bob's music reflects his spiritual beliefs in Rastafarian, which blends Judaism and Christianity. Marley's reggae sound had a lot to do with the growth of Rastafarian in the 70s, 80s, and beyond.As part of the Rastafarian practice, believers use marijuana as a sacrament, believing that it is "wisdomweed." Use of the plant was legal, and Jamaicans have freely grown the herb, using it for meditation purposes to reflect on the word of Jah, the all-knowing and all-loving God. However, individuals who listen to Bob's music simply for the love of it, without knowing or appreciating his spirituality, recognize Bob, as I once did, as a drug-user. This may lead to the unfortunate and unintended influence of people turning to marijuana for merely the wrong reasons. Bob does it, so it must be OK.

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