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Boardman Management Plan Essay

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Boardman Management Group is overseeing the management and daily operations of Baderman Island Resort. The resort is an all inclusive vacation and business meeting destination that has many amenities to offer its guests The resort has a variety of restaurants, hotels, convention centers, golf courses, botanical gardens, spas, recreation center, shopping, art gallery and several beaches.
Baderman Island resort is in need of improving their word processing software either by upgrading the current software or by implementing a completely new application. Boardman management Group has hired Smith Systems Consulting to help analyze whether to upgrade current software or ...view middle of the document...

These six activities are:
1. Gather information
2. Define system requirements
3. Prototype for feasibility and discovery
4. Prioritize requirements
5. Generate and evaluate alternatives
6. Review recommendations with management
The current problem
1. Gather information
2. Define system requirements
Baderman Island Resort is growing at an alarming rate and has outgrown the capabilities of the current word processing software. Smith Systems Consulting will study the current software and how the resort is using it. Once the current problem is understood Smith Systems Consulting will research what the resort needs and what the users of the software need for improved productivity. This will included talking to each business unit’s executive level personnel and the employees that will be using the software for completing daily tasks. “During this activity, the systems analysts meet with users to learn as much as possible about the problem domain- the area of the user’s business that needs an information system solution and that is being researched.” (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, 2004) Gathering the problem information is crucial for an accurate understanding of the problem so that system requirements can be accurately defined.
Upgrading or purchasing new software
3. Prototype for feasibility and discovery
4. Prioritize requirements
After analyzing the current problem and defining system requirements Smith Systems Consulting will analyze both upgrade the old word processing software and purchasing new software. To do this, a prototype will be built for feasibility and discovery. The prototype will allow Smith Systems Consulting to first see if the project is even a possibility, if not, the project can be scratched or reassessed. The prototype will also allow for discovery of potential problems that will need to be...

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