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Boarding house is the only choice for students who study far from their home. Usually students who live in boarding houses are college students. A boarding house is a place to stay and the building is similar with other houses. Students who live in boarding houses must pay the rent per month. There are three kinds of boarding houses, female, male and mixed boarding houses.
The first type of boarding house is a female boarding house which is rented out for female students. This boarding house has rules which are stricter than male boarding house. For example the curfew which starts at 10 PM and male students are not allowed to get in. Astrid, a student from ...view middle of the document...

The disadvantages are the boarding house is too noisy because they are all boys and some of other users who like to get drunk and usually they are college student. After all, Lucky said that his boarding house is good enough because the other users are nice to him. The cost for male boarding house is almost same with female’s, still depends on the facilities and sometimes the owner add more costs if the user brings more electronics like television, dispenser and computer.
The last type of boarding house is a mixed boarding house. This kind of boarding house is the most wanted for college student in Salatiga. Mixed boarding house is a combination of female and male boarding houses. Many parents feel worry if their daughter and son live in mixed boarding house. Most of mixed boarding houses separate female’s rooms with male’s for example female’s are on the second floor and male’s are on the first floor. In this kind of mixed boarding houses, female are not allowed to go to male’s room and also vice versa. Some of mixed boarding houses are not...

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