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Bmw’s Dream Factory & Culture Essay

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Assignment #2: BMW’s Dream Factory & Culture
By: Henry Avery
Instructor: Dorothy A. Sliben

The Culture at BMW
At BMW much of its success stem from an entrepreneurial culture. In an entrepreneurial culture, work is more than a job, it's a lifestyle. Employees are more like a team than in most companies, and in some cases, they're even like a family. At BMW the following characteristics are used to describe the culture.
Treat people with respect: This is a very simple premise, which threads through each and every complicated issue which arise within the company. Respect and trust provide the necessary base for a vibrant and sustainable corporate culture. At BMW ...view middle of the document...

The story of 1959 is told and retold at each orientation of new associate where the company nearly went bankrupt and was just a step away from being acquired by Mercedes. At BMW they believe in change. According to Norbert Reithofer and as stated in the article “We push change through the organization to ensure its strength. There are always better solutions. Compare to other big auto company BMW and its management is fast to respond to competitive threats and market trends.
The associates and leadership model at BMW form the cornerstone of the leadership process, both in setting out requirements and providing directions. This model, designed to support team and process-oriented corporation, is a long term leadership strategy aim at creating a culture of ‘We at BMW’. Personal responsibility, self reliance and approaching change as a form of opportunity are encouraged. The leadership at BMW is one that values the employees and listens to their ideas. The type of open door leadership allows for employee to feel as if they have value to the company and its achievements. This culture allows for employees to feel as if they are valued and that their ideas are appreciated.
At BMW the job characteristics model involves increasing the amount of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback in a job. Regardless of your job title, all levels work together to create ideas to better the brand and product. The employees at BMW use an appropriate variety of skills. Because of the culture employees are able to identify with the work at hand and hence enabling more pride to be taken in the outcome of the work. ...

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