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Bmw Press Release Essay

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Munich, Germany:
People today, by and large don’t trust the American Auto Industry; Many feel disenfranchised and feel these companies are too tied to fossil fuels and make shallow attempts to move technologically towards more sustainable practices; The BMW Group, however is pushing the boundaries’ of sustainability NOW with its Efficient Dynamics Program just as it did going as far back as the early 1970s. BMW has been a leader in sustainability since before there was pressure on companies to do so. Since the 1970s Sustainability has been a priority to BMW, from the introduction of our first Hydrogen powered car in the early 1970s on through consistently working to reduce both consumption ...view middle of the document...

Efficient Dynamics doesn’t just push the boundries of technology it snaps them in half and creates new ones to further achieve sustainability goals. BMWs’ success’ in terms of sustainability efforts has not gone unnoticed; G.O. Teeme, Public Relations Director points out “In September of 2010, we were recognized as the world’s most sustainable car company for the sixth consecutive year.” (Teeme, G.O.) and “In fact, we’re the ONLY company in our industry to be so recognized every year since this ranking was established in 1999.” (Teeme, G.O.).
Another BMW executive, Ms. Sarah Tonin, Sr. Director of Marketing Research, truly speaks volumes as to how much BMW has done through its Efficient Dynamics System in regards to, not only sustainability efforts, but also consumer approval stating “To date, we have built and sold over 1.4 million vehicles that are equipped with our Efficient Dynamics system. As we suspected, consumers have gone wild for lower fuel consumption vehicles! What’s...

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