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Blue Velvet & A Wild Sheep Chase

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Writing 2
Final Draft
Reality and the Struggle between Good and Evil
We exist, fundamentally conscious of the world around us, but for many it is with blinders. Everyone has their own version of reality, how the world works and how they think the world should work. Quite often we live comfortably in our own realities and sometimes we struggle in them. Reality can differ from person to person and other times our realities match oneanother. Is the world we think we know real, or are we dreaming? Sometimes in living and struggling with our own realities we miss another struggle, the struggle between good and evil. It is an age old struggle between the light and the dark for ...view middle of the document...

  In my opinion, the imagery of A Wild Sheep Chase is much more vivid than Blue Velvet. Both are very detailed, but there are more imaginative qualities to A Wild Sheep Chase than Blue Velvet. When reading A Wild Sheep Chase one can almost smell the rain and the ocean. Blue Velvet is rather dreary; most of the scenes take place at night. When there is a scene that takes place during the day the colors are still rather dark and, in my opinion, almost dream-like. Almost as if everything in the movie had been simply a dream.
In Blue Velvet, Jeffery lives in sunny suburbia, a picturesque life where little goes wrong. As a very naïve individual, his version of reality is that everyone is good and the world around him in general is also good. This is his reality, but when his father has a stroke Jeffery visits him in the hospital we see some of change to his reality. On his way home he finds an ear, accidentally, gives it to a detective and then goes back later to the same detective to see if he can find out anything else about the ear. The daughter of the detective, Sandy, engages Jeffery’s curiosity even more by telling him that she overheard information about a singer who might or might not be involved. She takes Jeffery to look at the apartment building that the singer lives in, and from there Jeffery decides to involve himself more by hatching a plan to get into the singer’s apartment. What followed was a horror story of abuse and darkness. As he gets further drawn into the mystery of the ear he gets a very strong dose of Frank’s reality. Frank’s reality is that there is evil and trouble in the world and that the darkness dominates all. At one point in the movie Jeffrey asks Sandy “Why are there people like Frank? Why is there so much trouble in this world?” He came head to head with Frank who shattered Jeffery’s innocence and almost stole his light. Jeffery was good and innocent almost to a fault and his curiosity got the better of him. For a moment we are almost convinced that the dark, evil underbelly of this picturesque town, will win out. That the light will not prevail, we are afraid for Jeffery and completely horrified at the things Jeffery was forced to watch, and the punishment he had to endure for being innocent and curious. The Filmsite Movie Review accurately described the film.. “In some ways, the two male leads represent the two dichotomous sides of life (e.g., light/dark…)”. This movie is a classic struggle between good and evil, and an excellent example of how different one individual’s reality can be from another.
In A Wild Sheep Chase, the narrator leads a simple life that teeters on being boring which is exactly what the narrator wanted “…I’m trying to get into the thick of...

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