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Blue Collar Jobs Essay

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“I’m 24 years old. I have just completed by bachelor’s degree and graduated from one of Singapore’s finest universities. I’m looking for a job. No, not just any job. No way am I going to work as a maintenance technician or as a MacDonald’s employee. That’s way beneath my abilities.” Unfortunately, that’s the way society works in the 21st century. It’s shocking how narrow our perception of success is.
Ever wonder why people toil through the hardships of school? Ever wonder why they sacrifice sleep, their social life, and maybe even quality family time just to study for their examinations? And why they get that bank loan just to get through university?
Definitely, it’s because you’ve ...view middle of the document...

We don’t want our children growing up thinking that being a banker and earning $30 000 a month is anymore superior to dishing out western food in a school canteen for $2.50 a plate.
Blue-collar jobs are no less vital to society than a white-collar job. People have associated blue-collar jobs to be menial tasks for the uneducated. Wrong. Blue-collar jobs simply require a different set of skills. The office can teach you how to design a smartphone app, but a construction site will teach you how to piece a building together, brick by brick. People have wrongly labeled the hands-on work involved in blue-collar jobs to be tiring and undesirable. These blue-collared jobs require one to learn on the job, picking up a set of skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. The different situations one adapts to bring invaluable lessons and skills that are the true rewards of a blue-collared job. Add that to the sense of satisfaction you get when you see the smile of a hungry man you served, the satisfaction as you walk by a skyscraper knowing you contributed to that beauty; that’s fulfillment. It’s not just found in money, it’s found in meeting new people, learning new things, and giving to society.
The other huge misconception is that white-collar jobs hold a larger importance to society. We have accepted the hideous flaw in logic that scientists working in cancer research should get all the glory while being a roadsweeper is disdainful. Sure, it may be an exaggeration, but is keeping the streets clean really...

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