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Blue Essay

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In the fast technological advancements competitive markets often present unseen opportunities for business formations. SWOTT integrated analysis play a key role in the venture formation needed to succeed. Remotesters set itself away from generalized competition by providing its customer with fast repair times, and low-cost social interactions often lacked by large corporations. Business analysis, external and internalforces, and opportunities created by these factors play a key role in the ...view middle of the document...

One of the oldest and logical tools designed for managers to considerthe internal company’s current capabilities, and results the analysis produces to design these strategic options (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Importance of SWOTT analysis lies in its core principles of identifying business functions and the purpose for the existence while doing so without costly methods or most important loss of a business venture.
For a starter company like Remotesters, a basic SWOTT is necessary to establish and compare its position in the market. Preparation is a key; weighing out as many potential options as possible will limit losses, prevent company, andits shareholders from profit losses. Plus, eliminating possible threats, creating unseen opportunities, concurring limited financial resources, and concentrating on the long-term goal of becoming the most logical choice for all the remote assistance needs are the keys to the success of this future business. In another words, SWOTT provides basic framework for organized insightful discussion and information sharing for new or existing business (Pearce & Robinson, 2009).

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Activities SG&A
Costs Administration Selling TOTAL Actitives
P.O Commissions Shipping
Activities Invoicing Cost
Calls Checking
Credit Samples,
Info Special
Charges Distribution
Management Marketing
Type Advertising/Promotion Marketing Administrative

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