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Bloomberg Study Essay

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SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces and Value Chain

Company Overview Bloomberg L.P is a business news corporation based in the United States of America. The company headquarters are located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1982 with his business partners Duncan MacMillan, Merrill Lynch and Thomas Secunda (Bloomberg, 2010). The company runs a business news agency, radio station, website and a business TV channel and prints a business newspaper named Businessweek. It provides financial services, asset management services and stock exchange updates to its subscribers, viewers and associated financial institutes. It holds around one third of the ...view middle of the document...

It is also known as PEST or PESTLE analysis and helps in understanding the relevant opportunities and risks of business expansion. It helps in reducing the risks associated with an unfamiliar

environment while working on organisational plans (PESTEL Analysis, 2012).

Political In terms of political journalism, Bloomberg introduced a sophisticated and comprehensive web-based service last year to provide information about political activities. The people whose decisions are linked to the Federal Government policies can get updated data, analytical information and news arranged by its highly professional editorial board, including regulatory professionals, industry players, economists and political journalists. (BGov, 2012). The new venture provides detailed information about governments and their political manoeuvres. It serves as an accountability forum for governmental action by providing details based on relations among politicians, corporations and law-makers. The website is helping in determining the impact of political steps over business activities (Enda, 2011).

Economical Bloomberg has suffered from some significant losses due to the financial crisis, but the company has managed this tactfully. It had a decline in its terminal subscriptions by 3,500 when Lehman Brothers was liquidated in the financial crisis 2008 (Ahmed and Protess, 2012).


MF Global, one of the largest brokerage firms, filed bankruptcy in October 2011. Due to this, Bloomberg lost almost 600 subscriptions to its computer terminals. The sales target for Bloomberg employees declined by 12 per cent that year (Ahmed and Protess, 2012). Despite the financial crisis, Bloomberg L.P remained profitable. In 2006, the operating margin remained 30 per cent higher than revenues. Bloomberg led not only Apple, but also its strong competitors like Dow Jones, Reuters and the Thomson Financial Unit, which remained at an operating margin of 20 per cent (Loomis, 2007).

Social Bloomberg understands the need of social relations with the stakeholders and to communicate with them, a new social policy was introduced in 2011. The new social policy purposes to the editors, reporters and journalists to use social networking websites such as Twitter. By using this website, Bloomberg can access millions of readers with cost efficiency. The company realises that by using social media the message can be communicated well (Emedia Vitals, 2011).

Technological Bloomberg introduced the latest technology at the beginning of this year named BLPAPI. It provides access to the global market data to more than 100,000 professionals daily in the financial services market. The technology not only serves the professional subscribers to Bloomberg services, but also non-Bloomberg customers, vendors or suppliers and software developers to benefit from market data. This technology can be obtained from the company website under free-use licence. This innovatory technological advancement provides cost...

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