“Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures”: Challenging The Myth That Doctors Are Omnipotent

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For countless years there has always been an urgent need for doctors. Different methods would be used to cure people from their sicknesses. However, life is given by God and it is he who can take it away. Doctors play the role of saving lives, but in the end, they are powerless because nature has to take its course leaving humanity at its limits. In Vincent Lams novel “Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures”, Lam challenges the myth that doctors are omnipotent by contending that “medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability”. Using Fitzgerald as a focal point, Lam debunks the myth that doctors are omnipotent through situations of medical failure, having a loss of power and ...view middle of the document...

This way Mrs. Amiel will know that although the doctors are trying, her husband can still die. Furthermore, the doctors use various drugs to try and keep Mr. Amiel alive, but unfortunately Mr. Amiel dies. Fitz says, “I wonder if it looks obvious that we are simply playing our roles. He has no pulse, no rhythm, but we administer the drugs anyway because I said we would try for 20 or 30 minutes. [...] The monitor shows a straight, true line” (Lam 257-258). Thus, proving that doctors are not omnipotent, they are just human beings helping people. They can try and to save lives, but not control it and hence debunking the myth that doctors are god like.
Moreover, doctors are known for their sensitivity and for the compassion they share with their patients. Along with that they are required to keep the patient under control; this allows them to maintain a sense of power. However, in “Eli”, Fitz looses that power of control. This short story involved Fitz handling a drug addict patient who came into the emergency room with cuts and internal bleeding. As the police officer states, “Fell. And banged his head getting into the cruiser” (Lam 170). Although the myth says doctors are like God, Fitz vengeful side is shown in this story as he looses the control of his patient. Fitz says, “There was red on the back of my hand, and wetness, and a gash in my glove from the new cut. Upon seeing it, I felt pain. It was a bloody hurt that dripped into the fingers of the glove” (Lam 176). If Fitz was God like he would have been able to keep Eli in control, but he does not because Eli bites Fitz in the hands. After the bite, Fitz goes through this mode of paranoia where he gets the nurse to check him for HIV. Fits vengeful nature forces him to be feistier on Eli and bring pain to him as he did to Fitz. As he says, “Thunk, Thunk, I put in a few extra just got the sting. ‘Don’t bite the doctor’” (Lam 178). To get back at Eli, Fitz staples Eli’s head instead of stitching it bringing more pain to Eli. This shows how Fitz character as a doctor does not resemble the idea of God like.
Lastly, Fitz’s all knowing personality is debunked as he inhabits the deadly disease of SARS on him self. If Fitz was omnipotent he would have seen the disease coming or not even be diagnosed with it, but since he is a human like his patients, he is helpless. He has become diagnosed just like his...

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