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"Bloodflowers" By W.D. Valgardson Personal Response

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For the past seven years, my mom has been working as a nurse practitioner in Nunavut, traveling back and forth to many different small and isolated communities. In the year 2001, I was able to experience what she witnesses on almost a daily basis when I went to live in one of these remote communities for a month.Many of the Inuit people that live in isolated northern communities, such as the one I visited, don't follow the laws of society or the social laws of the world, but rather develop their own society. They live their lives by the land and what it holds. If there are caribou, then they hunt caribou. If whales come in, they go whale hunting. To them, time is meaningless. There's no discipline ...view middle of the document...

An example of how a society lives by their own rules is a story my mom told me about a small community in the Arctic Circle. There was a known pedophile who was charged on a couple occasions, but was never found guilty in the courts. The community in which he lived was upset by this matter and decided to take justice into their own hands. One night when the man was sleeping, his home was torched and he died in the fire. When the case was questioned and the investigation was over, nobody was charged on account of murder because the community bonded together to ensure that justice was sought, and nobody took the blame. They felt that with this man gone, their hamlet would be much safer.Although "Bloodflowers" was left very open-ended, the story that I was told is very much similar to the event that would take place if the short story were to continue. After hearing the story Danny told the Poorwilly's, they decided that they were going to act on it and use Danny in a very similar way the Europeans used the King. After a year of gifts and glory, he would be killed. The case probably wouldn't be investigated, as the whole community would be in on the murder because they were so caught up in their superstitions and seemed to be willing to do anything to ward off their bad luck.This story is fascinating because it exposes the strong feelings that humans behold. It shows what great depths the community was going to go to after hearing Danny's story, in order to sustain the land, their community, and its people. Whether it be the Inuit living in Nunavut or tribes in Africa, this is factual today in many isolated parts of the world.

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