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Blood For Sale Essay

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1) I believe that Sol Levin is running the business just like other company in the work in the country as you can’t get blood for just like any super-market but his type of business is open to moral criticism because on the other hand, it create a perception and inequity of that the rich who can afford to purchase the blood can live long and poor whom can’t afford live shorter.

2) Plasma international did not even strike an fair bargain transaction as they purchase from the poor west African tribes for 15 cents per but then was increase to $25 per pint when it was sold to America. Yes, Plasma international should have paid them at a Fair Market Value as it did in America.

3) In British, blood bank relies entirely of a voluntary system thus blood is neither ...view middle of the document...

4) For Sol, he fit to the Egoism model as the type of business he have only promote his own long term interest where he buy low and sell high for it. If it the Utilitarian, Sol could have buy and sell at a fair market value which benefit both seller and buyer and also to himself. But for Kant( Kantian) ethics method would not agree to this as his principle believe every decision is regard to goodwill and humanity as an end, Sol should act as a third party to transfer the blood between the seller and buyer and not gaining any profit in between them.

5) I believe they are correct of buying and selling blood would reduce altruism because if people knowing that their blood are been exchange for a value, people will not donate as freely as it will but on the other hand, if the exchange value given to the donor is irrestiesntable, this might motivate donor who are in- need of money to sell their blood.

6) I not aware of official right to give blood but I believe that people should follow Kant principle of goodwill where he strongly believe that “an Action which done on every situation should not waiver and it must be for good of humanity thus not for own selfish goals.

7) Due to strong economic demand and commercialization in the world we live in, I strongly disagree believe that such item like Organ, blood and anything related to human should be sold. This can create a situation to whom people who are desperate for money to sell or harm someone to get what they want.

8) I believe donating blood is a moral duty as it might provide a second chances of life to someone who need it or save someone. But depend circumstances and before if I donate, I would check on where the donated blood going where to ensure it not for selling to other parties.

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