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Blood Diamond Essay

915 words - 4 pages

VCE English Unit 1 & 2
Holiday Homework

Over the summer break you will be expected to complete the following tasks:
• Become familiar with the Year 11 English course outline
• Read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and answer the activities attached
• Find the key words in your text and begin a glossary

Your English teacher will collect this homework in Week One of Term One, 2014. All the best!!

Failure to complete the required reading and activities will mean that you will be unprepared to begin the year and giving up time to complete the work afterschool.

UNIT 1 & 2 OUTLINE 2014


Reading & Responding – Outcome 1
The Kite Runner - Text ...view middle of the document...

• A language and visual analysis essay on a persuasive text

Pre – Reading Homework for ‘The Kite Runner’

Your job for the holidays is to read “The Kite Runner”. This will be the first text we will study in class. The text will be taught with the assumption you have already read the whole book. This means that only key scenes and chapters will be read and studied together as a class.

You also need to keep a glossary of terms. Take the time to look up words that are unfamiliar to you in a dictionary or on the internet as well as clarifying terms that reoccur in the text.

Word in sentence in relation to ‘The Kite Runner’
Amir commits a sin when he doesn’t stand up for Hassan by telling people about the rape. Variations on the word/synonyms
Wrongdoing, crime, transgression, offense

acts that violate a moral rule

Word in sentence in relation to ‘The Kite Runner’ Variations on the word/synonyms
Logo/Picture Definition
Word in sentence in relation to ‘The Kite Runner’ Variations on the word/synonyms
Anti - Hero
Logo/Picture Definition

Word in sentence in relation to ‘The Kite Runner’ Variations on the word/synonyms
Logo/Picture Definition
Word in sentence in relation to ‘The Kite Runner’ Variations on the word/synonyms
Customs (cultural)
Logo/Picture Definition

The Kite Runner: Chapter Summaries
You will need to make note of what happens in each chapter, what we learn about characters and their relationships as well as any significant quotes that you may...

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