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Blog: Transgender And Transsexual Students Essay

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Blog: Transgender and Transsexual Students
It is evident in the documentary Transgeneration that transsexual and transgendered students have chosen to join single-sex colleges of which they hope to feel loved and accepted. They are all transgendered and have accepted their statuses. Therefore, they have chosen to join either a male or a female college despite being considered by society or family as either being female or male respectively. Episode 5 of the Transgeneration documentary looks at the problems and challenges facing Raci, a student considered by society as being male but has opted to live his life as a female, and have thus joined the University of California, as a freshman to ...view middle of the document...

Lack of acceptance and love has made Lucas a Neurology Senior at the Smith College feels so alienated. The society, her family, and some of her college mates consider and see Lucas as a female, but she wants to liver her life as a male. Lucas is faced with a challenge of defending his thesis in Episode five of the Transgeneration documentary (Simmons, 2005).
A transgendered or transsexual student would want to attend a single-sex college just as gay partners, or lesbians would want to attend the Tabernacle Baptist church – they want a place where they would feel loved and accepted. It is natural that attending a single-sex college would cushion such students from challenges of gender discrimination. Normally, transgendered students will tend to dress like the sex they believe they are as opposed to what the community believes. For instance, a student believed and considered by his family and friends as being male, may choose to dress as a female. Such a student will only feel comfortable in an all-female environment where gender discrimination of questions may not be asked. Such a person would feel secure, protected, loved, and accepted in such an environment.
Transgeneration documentary shows how same-sex education is based on a single model of gender and assumed heterosexuality. Many such schools have sprung in the US as indicated in the documentary. Male students who consider themselves females join all-female colleges while female students who think they are male joining all-male colleges. However, this might turn out to be problematic in the sense that, these students may begin their gender transitioning in these institutions but when they leave, they will or may be faced with serious social issues given that the society is an all-genders environment. They may also be faced by family...

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