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Blink And You Miss It Analyse

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Blink and You Miss It
1. Write a summary of “Blink and You Miss it” (150 words).
We follow the main character on a flashback to his young manhood. The flashback starts when he sees a boy named Sammy crossing the street. He describes how carefully he is looking for cars before he crosses the street. He also describes how Sammy’s common sense will desert him in eight or nine years. In the flashback the main character is on a beach sitting in a circle of people, in the centre of the circle is the beach guru. Due to a police raid, the main character has to help the beach guru purchase some drugs for the nights big beach party. The main character goes with the guru into town, where the guru has a contact with the police chief. They are going to meet the guru’s contact at the docks. The guru persuades the main character to go over to the contact and buy ...view middle of the document...

(Side 145, Pt. 19-21) it shows that he is living at an exotic place in the flashback and his is trying to get away from it all and instead living out a paradise dream. In the present he is thinking back on his young days. (Side 149, Pt. 1-5 and side 145, Pt. 30-31) Where he was a very naive person, who not really thought things throw before doing it. He noticed that there is something wrong with the assignment he gets and how the beach guru seems strange. In a way I think he already knew how it would end, but he was just a stupid young boy trying to make a living. (Side 145, Pt. 1-17,) In the present he is have become a more normal person, but is still thinking about the past and see himself in Sammy. So in a way he is still stock with his memories.

3. Comment on one of the themes of the story (200 words).
Growing up: Growing up is a central theme in the short story “Blink and You Miss it” The main character grows up in the story and he use Sammy as an example of growing up. Where will Sammy be in ten years? What will he be doing? He also uses him as an example of naivety and that he doesn’t see the real world yet, but eventually he will. “You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would come”. I think this sentence is brilliant, because it describes in so few words how we should see the theme growing up. In a lot causes we are all too busy planning our life, holding on to a looks, trying to be modern, that we forget we are getting older. I remember as it was yesterday I was sitting in a sandbox and plying free of problems, free of decision, free of fear, free of responsibility. Today all I do is going to school day in, day out and preparing for later on in life. In a way what I see in growing up, is realizing that you a getting older. But the thing is, we don’t have to hate ourselves our each other for getting older. We just have to forgive ourselves... for growing up. The most important thing is to accept it.

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