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Bleeding On The Sidewalk Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay 
  In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" the writer gives a sense of loneliness. A vast emptiness in Andy. As he laid there, sorrow and pain overwhelmed him. Laying on the piercing sidewalk all he thought of was Laura. Laura symbolized something much more intricate than just love. It was so powerful that Andy wasn't trying to survive for himself, but for Laura. Laura was his destination, motivation, and treasure. As Andy laid on the cold sidewalk, being overwhelmed by emotions, he pondered on his past and how the materialistic aspect of being part of the Royals was nothing compared to the bond he had with Laura. Laura could symbolize many different things for many ...view middle of the document...

The boys were very cocky, but it seemed that together they could take over the world. The Jets felt that if one of them went down they all did. Everything that they did was for each other. The author emphasized the bond that the Jets had quite frequently. The boys had such a bond and the gang was a part of them that they never wanted to lose. 
  One of the ways that the stories are alike is that both gangs felt that they were the very best. You saw this by how the boys acted and thought about the gang. They were so proud to show off that they were a part of that certain gang. There was a sense of accomplishment felt by the young men. Another way the two stories were alike is how they had a certain gang that was their ultimate rival. Both gangs were obsessed with being better than the other rival gang. As I read the two stories I feel a sense of love, although they loved being part of their gang, there was a sense of misleading feelings. In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" Andy was washed up by misleading feelings, he no longer wanted to be part of the Royals. In "West Side Story" the young gang member left the gang. The reasons why the boy left the gang was not said. 
  There are many ways that the two stories are alike but I feel that there are more ways that the two stories are different. As for the feeling of the story "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" it was very dark and depressing. It shows that material things do not matter when your  dying alone due to something that you were part of. I believe that it would have been easier for Andy to die if it weren't for the regrets that he was having for joining. In "West Side Story" the boys are singing and feeling very confident that they are going to get there friend back into the gang. The feel of the story was much different than the last story. This was centered more about brotherly love and determination than love and human survival. 

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