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"Blazing Saddles": The Only Non Western To Rule The West

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“Now here we go. Hold your ears, folks. It's SHOWTIME!”— When the small town of Rock Ridge is threatened by the growing railroad, it is up to the atypical “dazzling urbanite” sheriff, Bart, to save the town. In the hilarious parody of all Western films, Mel Brook’s 1974 comedy, Blazing Saddles, has its audience stifling laughter.The railroad going west is being built, but with bad planning, they must make a new path through quiet Rock Ridge. Fortunately, corrupt State Attorney General Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman) has a plan! They’ll run the residents of Rock Ridge out, take the town out from under their feet, and make a fortune off of the land. But how? Of ...view middle of the document...

Everywhere you look; there is a parody of the typical Western film: The good guys, the bad guys, the innocent townsfolk, and the dance-hall girl—the only difference is that all of these characters are twisted around. Probably the best literary device is the satire inserted in every joke as well as the feeling that everything was thrown together as an improvised joke. Still, you just can’t help but laugh.Although the plot is (purposely) unrealistic, Little does an excellent job of acting out the always charming Bart. Possibly the best acting credits go to Madeline Kahn’s parody of Marlene Dietrich as the seductive German songstress, Lilli Von Shtupp. Her role was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 1975 Academy Awards. But really, although there are a few big names in the cast, the acting is not the most special part of the film. The most theatrically interesting aspect of this film is the set and possibly the costumes. The set is made up in a typical Western style, but at the end of the film, you’ll realize that things aren’t always as they appear. The costumes are also in Western style (apart from the Governor’s Secretary and Lili Von Shtupp), but the typical Western style of the set and costumes makes the dialogue even more humorous.Although Blazing Saddles is by no means considered a cinematic masterpiece, the techniques used improve the overall...

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