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Blank Doc Essay

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horror A Show at the Cinemaplex 1 A Horror Show at the Cinemaplex A Horror Show at the Cinemaplex Brenda Hawkins Strayer University Dr. Dwight Heaster Business Administration A horror Show at the Cinemaplex 2 Abstract As of 2007, the Cinemaplex had a total of $9.63 billion. That is a full 5 percent above the record set in 2006. That is an astonishing 1.4 billion tickets were sold in 2007. However beyond the headlines, the industrys a study in contradictions although the number of theatres is in a decline, the number of screens is at an all-time rise. The revenues are high, but the attendance is ultimately flat-1.4 billion tickets were sold had rarely improved from 1997. In 1997, 1.35 billion ...view middle of the document...

The Cinemaplex is facing major challenges due to the modernized of entertainment technology. These recent technological advancements have negatively impacted the attendance at the theatres. Due to the inflated prices of tickets, concessions, and advertising, the cinemaplexs revenues only increased at that time. Some of the technological advancements include the following; home theatre systems, quick movie to DVD releases, video on demand, and online streamlining. In order to earn more revenue, the theatres should sell concessions and show sold advertisements to patrons who are drawn by the movie. The main problem is how the cinemaplexes will survive the impact that the new technology of entertainment have made on cinemaplex attendance. One major threat is the sudden emergence of the home cinema industry such a big screen TVs with home theatre sound systems. Other threats include the following; broadband & video on demand and quick movies to DVD release dates. Another major threat could be that the movie stars will face a decrease in their salaries due to lackluster ticket sales and fewer attendances to the theatres to watch the movies. The major issues include the following; buyers, suppliers, barriers to entry, and rivalry. Movie goers have made complaints about the theatres premium pricing for tickets and concessions. On top of that, the movie going public were not happy with the ringing of cell phones, crying babies, people who talk loudly, the sticky floors, and long & tedious advertisements. Some of those advertisements were nonsense. A horror Show at the Cinemaplex 4 Due to the limited production of studio sources, the movie theatres tend to be very insipid (weak). During the early weeks of release, the studios profit share had become unfair to the favoring distributions. Movie theatres are high in the theatrical entertainment industry. But, the startup costs is very expensive therefore difficult to obtain. The barriers to exit are very high due to the fact that it is too expensive to convert to the other forms of the business. Amongst industry rivals, they can expect a very intense level of competition. If the Cinemaplexes continue to decline in revenue, they will become obsolete. Case in point, the rise and decline of arcades all over the country. Several years ago before home arcade systems, arcades had dominated the country. That simply changed when the first home gaming system was created. As the home gaming system gains popularity, the arcades just disappeared from sight. At the rate that movie theatres are losing revenue, they will face the same fate as arcades. However, there are some alternatives they can utilize. In order for movie theatres to survive this impact, they should consider the following alternatives: Convert the theatre to an IMAX experience. The older generation has the largest percentage of income holders. Movie theatres should appeal to them by serving adult beverages and mature movie selections. Incorporate more...

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