Blade Runner Analysis And Summary

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• Set in 2019 the “city of angels” Los Angeles ironic because it is so un angelic, filthy
• Brief intro about replicants, the word replicants is written in red to contrast against the black background and the other white words
• Scott has given us this info so we have a quick background knowledge
• Other ways it could have been done are by narration
Eye on the city:
• Establishing shot showing a city lit only by neon lights and flames exploding into the sky
• Space craft comes shooting towards the camera showing us that this movie is futuristic and Sci-fi
• A brief close up of an eye is shown and then flicks back to the establishing shot, the eye ...view middle of the document...

.. its messed
• Deckard also finds photos of Leon’s these are his memories which are just as real to him as our real memories are to us
• We see Roy Batty in a telephone booth with a discoloured clenched fist showing he is strong enough to continue with his mission “time enough” there is enough time to go on
• He talks to Leon questioning him about the photos, they realise there were blade runners there and that someone is onto them
Chew’s visitors:
• Chew is there playing with his eyes when Roy and Leon pay him a visit, they speak quietly to increase the tension, low lighting, very cold, they forcefully remove his coat and let him slowly freeze as they question him, they tormentingly place eye balls on chew
• Chew realises they are replicants when they stick their hands into liquid nitrogen
• Roy questions him about prolonging their metamorphic state so he can live longer than four years past their inception date
• Chew only knows about “eyes” he made their eyes, Roy “if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes” referring to the eyes Chew has made for Roy, not his own eyes
A visitor with someone else’s memories:
• Deckard proves to Rachael that she is a replicant and upsets her
• Deckard’s apartment has mediocre technology for such a futuristic film, everything is dirty and cluttered, old books lie around in stacks
• Rachael shows Deckard the photo of her and her mother- weird that photographs are still used, why not moving pictures or holograms etc
• Again dim lighting
Pris meets Sebastian:
• J.F Sebastian is so cute, very innocent and gentleman like, offers for Pris to come in and eat with him, he is very lonely
• His home is very large and filled with toys he has made, large open spaces
• He is very welcoming to Pris as he thinks she is beautiful...

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