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Blackberry Maker Essay

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Research in Motion Company limited (RIM)
Introduction of the organization
Research in motion limited (RIM) (TSX: RIM, NASDAQ: RIMM) is company founded in Canada that deals
with telecommunication and wireless devices and has been known for the outstanding developing of
Blackberry Smartphone. The company has it is headquarter in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada and they are
the main sponsor of RIM park that is situated in the northeast of the city. The company was founded by
Mike Lazaridis who until January 23, 2012, was the company co-CEO. He worked alongside Jim Balsilie,
who also stepped down from the co-CEO position on January 23, 2012.
Before the company produced Blackberry, it ...view middle of the document...

instant messaging made it to be nicknamed ‘Crack berry’ after the crack cocaine, as some of the users
believed that they could not live without it.
Research in Motion and Information Associates reached a licensing agreement in 2006. This was
meant to ensure that the RIM Company would offer Pocket Mac that was used by the Blackberry to
Mackintosh users free. The RIM Company grew tremendously and in 2008, the Mediacorp Canada Inc.
named it among the Canada Top hundred employers in the MacLean’s news magazine.
In 2009, RIM Company announced their expansion strategy that would involve global operation.
This was done through opening an office in North Sydney in Australia. This new office had training
facilities, a strategic partner marketing center, research and development center as well as technical
support service center. This leads to increase in the work force in the company to 12,000 jobs that the
company offers worldwide.
In the spirit of expansion, the company in June 2009, they announced that they were to acquire
Dash Navigation who was the manufacturers of Dash Express. On the same year in August, they were
capable of acquiring Torch Mobiles therefore enabling them to include Webkit-based browser on the
Blackberry. The idea of expansion and urge of exploiting the market may have contributed to the RIM
Company to be announced by the Fortune Magazine on 18 August, 2009 as the fastest growing company
in the world. They gave a growth rate of 84% in profits growth within a span of three years.
The company continued its expansion strategy in 2010 by acquiring Viigo Company, which is the
developer of the Blackberry applications, based in Toronto, Canada. It went ahead with the expansion in
April of the same year QNX Soft Ware systems. This was done through the agreement that was signed by
the company in corroboration with Harman International on 12 of April, 2010. This collaboration will
ensure that RIM Company is able to integrate and enhance user experience with Smartphone and in-
vehicle audio and infotainment systems. The deal will also ensure that the company integrates other
values to the company such as intelligent peripherals that will help add intellectual property to the
RIM‘s portfolios. This will help the company to provide ling term synergies to the company’s devices
through complimentary operating systems experts in both QNX and RIM Company (Tricia, 2010).
It wasn’t until September 2010 that the company announced the launching of the BlackBerry
Playbook tablet computer. This was projected to be in the market by the beginning of 2011. By May
2010, RIM operating system occupied 10.4% of Smartphone operating system in the market (Lendino,
Identification of the Industry
The main identification that made the RIM Company to be outstanding in the markets was the
realization that it cannot offer only mobile enterprise software only. It realized that this software should

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