Black Dog Of Fate, By Peter Balakian And Baghdad Without A Map And Other Misadventures In Arabia, By Tony Horwitz

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During the summer, I have read Black Dog of Fate by Peter Balakian and Baghdad Without A Map and other misadventures in Arabia by Tony Horwitz. These stories are different from each other content wise, however they both show how the authors encountered their heritage. For both Balakian and Horwitz, getting accustomed to their culture was a growing process. In the beginning of their stories they were seeing things through an American point of view, not knowing beyond what the newspapers and media had said. At the conclusions of these stories, the authors grew to know and fully comprehend what really was behind the closed doors in America.
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After reading and hearing the many graphic stories from his aunts and historical records, he sees the reason why his family immigrated to the United States. Thereafter discovering these tragic events, Peter decided that action was necessary to spread the word about the genocide by speaking at a rally in Times Square. “And today I have to stand here while Turkish people pass out propaganda which claims there was no genocide committed against the Armenians; that Armenians were responsible for their deaths; that Armenians had it coming to them anyway” (Balakian 270). Finally the ending of the memoir shows clearly why Peter Balakian published this work, he wants Americans to recognize the truth behind the Armenian genocide.
Tony Horwitz’s Baghdad Without A Map and other misadventures in Arabia delineated nothing about the past nor tragedy, but about the present everyday life of many areas in the Middle East. At first Horwitz just wanted to make ends meet while going place to place with his wife Geraldine by being a freelance journalist for the Middle East. After having his first glance of this Third World in Cairo he thought, “. . . Cairo was a city I could never come to love” (Horwitz 12). In Yemen he continued to find nothing interesting about the land beyond the citizens’ heavy qat mastication, occasional roadside sellers and the site of at least one weapon on every man.
Going forth into the story he sees that the people of the Middle East are amiable and are adapting to the social, religious and political forces that are being put forth. In Baghdad Tony sees that Saddam Hussein’s power is not favored by many citizens, something...

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