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Black Boy By Richard Wright. Focuses On Women Which Affected Wright Throughout His Autobiography

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Black BoyIn the novel Black Boy, by Richard Wright, the author writes autobiographically about his childhood. Throughout his experiences, many different women affect Richard. He describes his relationships with his mother, Granny, and aunts. Each woman in his life influenced Richard's outlook in a different way. Granny happened to have a negative influence on him, though that was surely not her intention.Early in his life, Richard lived with his mother, father, and brother in his grandmother's house. Granny was an extremely religious Seventh Day Adventist and insisted that her children and grandchildren follow her ways. Because of her fanaticism, Richard's mother chose to move her family ...view middle of the document...

He grew up with the idea that doing wrong would result in a beating. Being religious did not exceed these bounds. If he misbehaved in school, Addie would physically reprimand him. If he misbehaved at home, Granny would do the same. Richard formed somewhat of a connection between the concept of religion and violence. Richard was very insightful, and this tie between the two creates even more of a problem in being able to believe in G-d, or Christianity.Granny did not only force her religion on Richard within their home. Although their family was poor, and struggling to be able to eat daily, Granny would not permit him to have a job that required work on Saturday, the Sabbath. This came as a big problem to Richard; he could not find a job for which he did not have to work on Saturday. He grew up ashamed of who he was. He was always told that he was a sinner, and finally that he was given up for dead, because surely he would be damned for eternity if he did not recognize G-d and change his ways.While living in Granny's home, Richard did gain something positive. In an effort to earn a little bit of money to help pay for the expenses of the family, they brought in a boarder named Ella, who was a schoolteacher. Through...

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