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Change as changing times and techology................. People often use these
terms without realizing that word CHANGE has neither a denotation nor a
connotation of advancement,improvement or progress; a change can take
place at any direction: forward, backward, up and downward! In common,
plain English, speaker is required to specify the condition and direction of
Change as the expressions are used to define the changing subject matter as
in: "change for the better" "change for the worse" Those who promote and
seek change in society, by their misuse of the word CHANGE, mostly will
misrepresent their agenda or program for change in existing conditions and
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The death of a sibling as well as the experience at multiple schools as "the new student" are just a few of the ways in me and her that were quite similar. As many people know, dealing with issues like this can be quite hazardous to how a young child develops into a functioning adult. She would say to me, the course discussions and lectures that I experienced had a dynamic impact on my personal beliefs and values. Honestly, I hardly ever had an ounce of belief in the books we read and discussed or even the topics brought up for lecture. I would walk out of the classroom each day either upset at the way people in the class viewed the educational system or the way that they portrayed the minority students being treated. I realize now that I was stubborn to the fact that there are societies other than the one I grew up in that have it far worse than I have ever seen or even imagined. The way that I took the lectures was as a classroom made almost entirely of minority students blaming all of the problems concerning the educational system on the upper middle class. Having grown up in an upper middle class household and neighborhood I felt defensive yet took it upon myself not to verbalize my thoughts, being very concerned that one might take my comment not as defense but as a prejudice remark. During class discussion I was able to listen to how the other students reflected on racial injustices. When I first listened to what others had to say, I can remember thinking how lucky I was that I did not live as a minority in our society. I have never had to live day to day waking up scared of what might happen to me simply because of my skin color or the things my family takes pride in. However, simply because I was raised among people who were all the same as me and had the same beliefs does not mean that it was always a good thing.
In fact, I see a lot of my up bringing completely different now. For example, I was always among people who did not have to watch what they said in effort to avoid offending someone. So, when a racial comment was said among my peers or even my
family, I never thought twice about it. I also made comments of my own. I never had to worry about a minority being next to me or within hearing distance so I never considered the consequences of throwing around racial comments. The class time I have spent with everyone has gotten me to realize that it does not matter if people do not take offense to what you are saying. I have begun to think about the scope of the entire situation and now take into consideration the idea of "is what I am about to say able to offend any one that could accidently over hear my conversation?" I began to think about that idea and implement it into my thoughts every day and I am ashamed to say that I...

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