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existing theory and research
Traditional software development follows a familiar pattern. A company
writes a program and then tries to sell it. The program’s “source code”
is a trade secret, just like an auto manufacturer’s blueprints for its cars.
By contrast — as the name suggests — the source code in an oss project is
available to anyone who wants it. The software is developed and maintained
by a community of volunteers. Essentially, anyone is free to take the results
of this work and modify it, extend its capabilities, or incorporate it into
their own projects (usually, but not always, on condition that they keep
their own contributions “open” in a similar way).2 It ...view middle of the document...

Dirk Riehle. "The Economic Motivation of Open Source Software: Stakeholder Perspectives." IEEE Computer, vol. 40, no. 4 (April 2007). Page 25-32.
The paper is available as a PDF file as well as online.
Copyright (©) 2007 IEEE. All rights reserved.

This cooperation is not simple and to me looks much like scientific cooperation
Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov
Problems of Open Source Software
From a theoretical point
of view, the oss approach does not fit with standard models of software development
(Sandred 2001, Vixie 1999) or formal organization more generally (Neff and Stark 2002).

1-We suggest that successful oss projects will tend to have a strong hierarchical component, at least in the ways they manage the relations between lead (and core) developers and other contributors.

2-Despite the public image of hackers, the projects that matter are (more often than not) run by professionals and not amateurs....

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