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Bla Bla Essay

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Dismissal Problems Q: This is Mr. Smith who is about to be dismissed from wingford for toys for stealing. Explain the procedures that Melanie will have gone through so that she knows she is legally entitled to dismiss Mr. Smith.A: Well first Melanie must go to her manager with proof. Then the person accused should be invited to the office with a union representative or a friend if they want them there. If Mr. Smith is found guilty he will be A: Dismissed immediately or B: Suspended on full pay while enquires are carried out and if still found guilty then dismissed. And in severe cases the police will be ...view middle of the document...

The company had to give the men redundancy pay because if they didn't the company could have been taken to court.Q: Zari works at wingford. As you know she has complained recently about the abuse she received from a co-worker. The abuse was both about her race and gender. Zari is satisfied with the way her complaint has been handled by the company but what if she had not been satisfied? Suppose that she had been sacked for example "“ she would have her case to an industrial tribunal. She might have gone to either the EOC or CRE and both bodies would have been willing to help her. What does EOC stand for and what is its function? What does CRE stand for and what is its function? Do you think Zari might have won her case? Explain her answers.A: EOC stands for Equal Opportunities Commission and they look at peoples cases against racial or sexual discrimination then decide weather or not to take it to an industrial tribunal. And CRE stands for Commission for Racial Equality and does the same as the EOC. I also think Zari would have won her case and got a large cash sum for her trouble.Q: John is telephoning the citizens advice bureau because he has been dismissed from his employment as a shop worker. He had worked at the shop for 7 weeks and he is trying to find out weather he has a right to claim that he has been unfairly dismissed. Find out weather John can make this claim or not. Explain your answer.A: Yes John can make a claim for wrongful dismissal and could also get compensation

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