Birth Order And Development Of Personality

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Birth Order and the Development of Personality

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Birth is the process of bringing forth a new individual from the womb into a new environment. The young one new surroundings are set to determine the growth and development of the child's personality and behavior. New children tend to ape the valuable and meaningful characters from their parents. For instance, a child is first introduced to the society's aspect of love by the mother who first accords it the much-needed love and affection. Eventually, the child grows knowing that everyone should be accorded everyone regardless of their status in the society. On the other side of ...view middle of the document...

Every child order in the family is characterized by different personality traits that manifest the role various roles played by different family members all the way from the eldest, middle, young and only. Birth order is brought to shape by the manner in which the parents nurture and inculcate knowledge into their children's mind. For instance, if children are brought up by irresponsible and drug addict parents, most their kids will emulate their way of life. Children will follow their mother's bad behavior since they been accustomed to their father's illegal actions.
How birth order affects an individual's personality
The family upbringing of first born children can immensely change their character in aspects such as the capacity of intellect, responsibility, and level of maturity. First born children often receive much protection from their parents and later on reciprocate the same accountability and love to the following family members. Maturity and sense of direction are usually showcased by the first born. Children who are born first also tend to mature faster since they spend the better part of their time with adults. Growing with adults makes them relatively mature for their age. Children who are brought to the world to start a new life are also; highly motivated, perfectionists and with greater academic achievement. Firstborn are usually perceived to be brighter than their siblings determined for even brighter future. First born children are also natural leaders and often provide guidelines to their siblings. As leaders, they inspire hope to their siblings to get out of their comfort zones. Younger siblings are usually motivated by the kind of decorum shown by their elder brothers. Old children are always confident and like taking charge of their responsibilities in the responsibility. First born children are ambitious and organized .those children delivered first also tend to protect their younger brothers and sisters. For instance, if the eldest person in the family is a boy and the rest are girls then the boy will be overprotective to his sisters for them not to be harmed.
Middle children usually express low self-esteem as a result of them having little attention from their parents and less interaction with others grown-ups.Middle children always feel squeezed out of their families since their opinions are usually second after that of the first born. Contrary to their first born counterparts, middle children are typically rebellious .envious and less responsible in their assigned roles. Middle children tend to be pushed so as to perform their tasks diligently. They always see their lives as miserable. The second born is indeed the most challenging individuals to handle since they tend to compete with the old ones in a way that is not accepted. They always feel that they were brought to this world late so that the old ones should enjoy much of the family privileges, power, and authority. A middle child serves as teachers and...

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