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Bird In The Classroom Essay

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Today we are going to present the poem “Bird in the Classroom” by Colin Thiele. Before we go on, we will take a look at the title. The title has clearly answer us the question of the 5Ws, who, teacher and students; what, there is a bird fly over; where, inside the classroom; when, during the lesson. After looking at the title, we are going to read out the poem once. (Read Odd Number-Kennedy, Even Number-Richard) Now we are going to go over each stanza. The first stanza tells us, the students are losing attention to the lesson. As it written, the teacher speaks with a ‘ponderous monotone’, just like telling a bed time story to the class. For the first stanza the author used ...view middle of the document...

The next stanza is the shifting point, from pasting out to gaining live again. The key word of the shifting tone is “sudden”, it changes the whole atmosphere. On this stanza, it comes out the bird. And its voice is so beautiful that flow in the air, and uses metaphor to describe it. ‘Each note gleamed, like a bead of frost.’ The forth stanza is quite similar to the third, since it describes in more details on the voice. By uses analogy which compares between line 22 and 23 ‘But they sprang the heat like drops of ice.’ Also it employed simile, ‘like’ as a direct comparison. The fifth stanza, is basically summarizes the whole poem. Before the shift, the students are all down, ‘ears cocked, fading and chuckling’. But when the bird comes, it unlocked all the problems. As it written ‘Such dreary monotones from man, such wisdom from a bird.’ The author uses analogy again to strongly emphasis the comparison on it. This poem is an allegory, the reason it appears to be more than it should be. The theme tells us there’re lots of small things happening around us, but it seems we only focus on what we saw and what we do. But when we take a second to look around, it might changes our lives. Just like the bird, it’s small, but changes the whole attitude to the students. Before we ends, we came out up few questions about our poem. What do you think the student symbolize of, in our life; Instead of the bird comes, what else will changes the atmosphere on the lesson; If the lesson is interesting and lively, do you still think the student got attention on the bird.

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